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«За время сотрудничества, специалисты ООО «Украинская Архивная Компания» продемонстрировали отличное знание архивного дела. Поставленные задачи были выполнены качественно и в согласованные сроки. Выражаем огромную признательность за эффективную работу и надеемся на дальнейшее успешное сотрудничество.»

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ДК 021:2015:79990000-0 (послуги з науково-технічної обробки документів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-174 справи;постійного зберігання-92 справи;


Національний університет фізичного виховання і спорту України

ДК 021:2015: 79990000-0 Різні послуги, пов’язані з діловою сферою,проведення архівації,області: за 1987-1991 роки з особового складу-480 справ;постійного зберігання-360 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення в кількості- 55 позицій; за 1992-2012 роки з особового складу-1920 справ;


Державне підприємство “Адміністрація морських портів України”

Класифікація ДК 021:2015: 92510000-9 Послуги бібліотек і архівів (Послуги архіваріусів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-40 справ;постійного зберігання-15 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення- за  2005-2015 роки в кількості- 20 позицій.


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Outsourcing services

Complex projects on receiving the deposit of documents, optimization of storage process and usage of documents in the company composition of registries and list of documents, formation pf digital archives and data entry!

Ukrainian Archival Company has many years of experience in providing outsourcing services for offsite storage of documents. We offer a comprehensive approach to the processing of documentation - archival document handling, storage, destruction and creation of digital archives stored documents.

Because of this, we have a lot of experience in successful outsourcing projects for the enterprises in different activities.

With us, you do not lose time searching for contractors for each type of work, and do what you can do best - manage your own business.

We find solutions for organizations of all activities! Contact us, and together we will develop the project to optimize your workflow processes.

Solutions for healthcare facilities

Ukrainian Archival Company has extensive experience in complex projects for document processing and storage of medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

Every day you're dealing with the personal information of your patients - their stories, experiences and diagnoses. Preservation of this information depends on the reputation of your business. Specialized archives, organized system of storage, professionals - this is what you need for the task of complete privacy and confidentiality.

We work with companies of health care for not the first year, and we know how to protect your documents and make them work for you in the most convenient ways, reduce your storage costs.

We will provide the security of the personnel and accounting records, safety of illness histories and medical records. Perform work on organizing documents in terms of their subject matter and limitations. Create the electronic registers of documents. Perform work on the creation of digital archives. The very first minute you need to find certain information - we will organize a quick search of it, and ensure the delivery of original documents.

Our customers tell us that we have made their job much easier and allow them to focus on what really matters - their patients. We would like to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make working with your documents easy and comfortable, how to keep them, without violating confidentiality.

Solutions for companies of the insurance sphere

Ukrainian Archival Company for many years has been outsourcing services for the storage and processing of information to insurance companies - from independents to large insurance corporations. Our services include the processing and streamlining the documentation, its cataloging, digitizing, storing paper-based deposit and destruction of confidential information.

We work with insurance contracts, insurance policies, and certificates. We provide services for the digitization and storage of accident reports, documentation, insurance payments, accounting records.

UAC quickly and efficiently will regulate the documentation, pack and deliver to our archives, and in the case of the first requirements will deliver them to you. In addition, we can create an electronic archive of documents, with which you will have access to the information you need at any moment.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to reduce the cost of storing multiple documents and ensure their full protection. Call Now!

Solutions for lawyers and law firms

Legal and Advocacy is an industry which generates large amounts documents by their various activities. At the same time, office storage is too expensive for the efficient storage of archive of documents, and the information must be found quickly. In addition, you cannot put at risk the confidential information of your customers.

Ukrainian Archival company provides services for the processing and storage of any documentation of legal and law firms - ordering, composition of registries and lists, scanning, remote storage of information in print and digital media - we know how to make your documents work for you and keep costs to a minimum!

Currently, we are working closely with a number of companies in this field, performing backup storage agreements and contracts for the provision of legal advice, accounting and personnel documentation.

We also offer services for storage of documents transmitted to for advocacy storage (constitutive documents, accounting, securities, contracts, a contract on ownership, etc.). We exclude the possibility of access to outsiders - you can always be confident in the safety of your documents.

If you want to learn more about how to ensure the safety of your information, and your clients, call now! Our experts will provide free advice on all your questions in the field of document and records management, and develop a custom solution for you!

Solutions for companies of transport and logistics sphere

For enterprises in the logistics and transport UAC performs storage and digitization of waybills, contracts for cargo transport and the implementation of the expedition, other documents on core business.

We have a number of regular customers, offering freight forwarding services worldwide. Working with us for years, they became convinced that store documents with UAC is convenient and reliable - we do ordering of the documents ourselves, we pack them in our own boxes, transport them to our archives from any point of Ukraine and provide them with full security.

It is comfortable to work with us, efficient and profitable. Appreciate the benefits of working with us! Call Now!

Solutions for financial companies

Requirements for confidentiality of information, which companies in the financial sector work with, are one of the highest - you are in disposal of the credit cards, bank accounts, own the information about the movement of investment, insurance documentation. Therefore, measures aimed at protecting the financial information must meet certain standards and controlled by special regulatory authorities. The speed of access to information is a major issue as well. Therefore, you need someone who knows how to automate the workflow in your company, to reduce the costs of processing and storage of documents - one who knows how to work with the documents.

Currently, we have a successful history of long term relationships with banks and other financial institutions and leasing establishments. Dozens of companies in Ukraine can recommend our level of qualification in the field of archives and records management process.

Ukrainian Archival Company will provide ordering, perform cataloging, outsourcing storage, digital processing of documents for companies operating in the finance sector. The most common things which are being deposited by companies of such area of activity are: credit agreements, documents, bank account details and credit card information, accounting, and personnel documents, they also order services of an electronic registry and creation of electronic archives of documents.

We know how to ensure the safety of your information and minimize your expenses! You manage the money of your customers; we help you to manage your documents! Call Now!