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«Руководство и коллектив нашей компании искренне благодарит ООО «Украинская Архивная Компания» за оказанную грамотную, профессиональную помощь в сфере хранения документов. Хотелось бы отметить оперативное реагирование на все возникающие в процессе работы нюансы. Особо отмечаем живое человеческое участие и заинтересованность в достижении результата.»

компания "САТ"

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ДК 021:2015:79990000-0 (послуги з науково-технічної обробки документів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-174 справи;постійного зберігання-92 справи;


Національний університет фізичного виховання і спорту України

ДК 021:2015: 79990000-0 Різні послуги, пов’язані з діловою сферою,проведення архівації,області: за 1987-1991 роки з особового складу-480 справ;постійного зберігання-360 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення в кількості- 55 позицій; за 1992-2012 роки з особового складу-1920 справ;


Державне підприємство “Адміністрація морських портів України”

Класифікація ДК 021:2015: 92510000-9 Послуги бібліотек і архівів (Послуги архіваріусів),проведення архівації,області: з особового складу-40 справ;постійного зберігання-15 справ; акт про виділення документів до знищення- за  2005-2015 роки в кількості- 20 позицій.


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Documents Storage

Do you still think that your company's documents are kept in the office for free?  Then calculate your costs per month for:

Rental price of the office persquaremeter.  If the office is yours then the rental cost is still need to be calculated because this is the money which you can acquire, or use for jobs in order to generate income, and which won’t be creating expenditures.

1.No. of meters of the office space occupied by cabinets or shelves with documents. / One rack-cabinet takes an average of 0.5 m2. With the passage, can be roughly considered as 1m2
2.Price of the rack-cabinet for storing documents.
3.Cost ofsegregators- directories.
4.Utility paymentsper onesq.meter.


  1. Protection costs, fire protection, based on the sq. meter.

  2. Salary of the employee responsible for document management. / It may even be 0.5 rate when the employee is responsible for other duties.

  3. Tax onemployee’s salaries whenthe formalization occurs.

  4. Lost time of other employees while waiting for the required document in its search process.

So, let’s consider as an example of calculating the cost of storing documents in an ordinary office.

Let’s take for example a small company with a large number of documents.

  1. No. of shelving cabinets with documents in the organization: 10/500 cases-folders.

  2. Space under the cabinets: 10m2

  3. The cost of rent of an area of 120 x 10 = UAH./m2 1200 UAH.

  4.  Utility bills: 4 UAH./m2 = 40 UAH.

  5. The cost of protection, alarm, cleaning, etc. Admin. 5 UAH./m2 = 50 UAH.

  6. Employee’s salary rates 0.2 to 2500 UAH.: 500 UAH.

  7. Tax on wages: 300 UAH.

  8. Loss of working time to simplify the calculation we will not consider. Everyone can add it to the account.

  9. Total min. costs per Month: 1200 + 40 + 50 + 500 +30 = 2 090 UAH.

  10. 2090 UAH. x 12 months 25,080 UAH. / year.

The cost of cabinets / racks for 1000 UAH. / Pcs. = 10 000 UAH.

Cost of folders-segregators 30 UAH. / Pcs. = 15 000 UAH.  

Total one-time expenditures: 25 000 UAH.

Take the amortization period of cabinets and folders in 5 years.

Total cost per year: 25,000 / 5 = 5000 UAH.

25 080 + 5 000 = 30 000 UAH. Cost of storage for your documents in a year!

For 3 years, the amount of expenses will rise up to 90,000 UAH!

You could have avoided buying cabinets and shelves for documents!

You could have avoided buying folders-segregators for documents!

You could have placed employees' desktops on the space free of shelves!

You could require that certain functional responsibilities of the released-time employee responsible for paperwork

We guarantee at least 3 times reduction of your cost on storing and managing documents!

If you let us keep the documents you eliminate the chance of an unauthorized access to them!

You pay for the services of document storage of our company and are cutting the expenses!As well as VAT refunds!

Now you understand why the leading companies in the world and in Ukraine are choosing off-site storage to store their documents?!

Invite our manager for a detailed calculation cost of your project!
Enjoy the benefits of working with professionals of archive industry!

We are the only company in Ukraine, which provides a full range of services in the field of storage and document management!

Acceptance of documents for storage

Before depositing the documents they should be systematized and packaged in archival boxes.

Documents are systematized by the Client Company or VARs specialists. The main objective of organizing - arranging files and documents them in the order that is convenient to employees of the company, in chronological order or by type of document.  According to the results of systematization, inventory is complied.

Packaging of documents is prepared according to manufacturer's inventory. Inventory includes: the retention period and the names of folders. Inventory is signed by the customer and the firm-archiver.

Company provides corporate archival boxes for the packaging. Shape and quality of VARs boxes can reliably protect your documents for a long time from dust, light and deformation. Identification bar-code is applied to each box corresponding to the inventory.

Register boxes and their contents

When applying for a deposit, storage boxes and their contents are recorded in a special program of electronic archive. Name of the customer is entered in the program, date and placement period, data from the inventory and the actual location of each box.

The search for the necessary documents on entered data is conducted which are needed for the customer, or the documents which are expired are selected for destruction.

Packing in archival boxes. Bar coding

Package of documents is carried out in branded UAC boxes.

Boxes are made of durable three-layer corrugated cardboard, equipped with a lid and comfortable handles. The size of the box - 320 mm x 400 mm x 287 mm. The maximum allowable weight of the documents in a box - 20 kg.

In the box, on request, documents can be stored "in bulk", in archival folders or twisted into the cases. Besides the standard documents, cash register tape and digital media with archival data can be stored.

Our company has also developed special file boxes, which are designed for systematization of the documents in a box. Standard UAC box holds five file boxes. Maximum weight of stored documents in the file box - 4 kg. Size of file boxes - 70 mm (width) x 308 mm (length) x 280 mm.

Placement in the UAC Archive

Specialized UAC archives meet all the conditions necessary for careful storage of your documents. The storage area is equipped with ventilation systems, climate control, fire suppression and alarm, video surveillance is conducted and recorded day-and-night. The area around the storage is also guarded round the clock, is equipped with video surveillance and recording. Strictly limited number of staff has access to the UAC archives. All of them are checked by the security.

Documents are posted on the shelves inside the storage, which provides the necessary air circulation between boxes. Placement on shelves is chaotic, dynamic and anonymous. This means that all the boxes that are in the storage are visually absolutely similar. Box of each company are distributed throughout the store. In addition, during the period of storage, archival box is regularly moved in archives terminal.

Provide documentation

Giving your documentation, you can still use them on demand. Documents may be submitted in originals, Xerox copies and scan-copies, delivered by fax, by mail or courier. It is also possible to provide a comfortable, and equipped with all necessary equipment, facilities for work with documents in our archives.

 However, there are a number of actions, following which we will additionally provide confidential information that we hold:

- List of officeholders of the customer which are entitled to access to the documents, agreement should be provided in written form;

- Format of application for documents submitted should under the signature and the seal of the client;

- Customer appeals to the documents are recorded in electronic and printed forms.

Confidential document destruction

Ukrainian Archival Company offers several programs for confidential shredding:

- Destruction of documents, which have expired after the cancellation of archival period, by our archivists;

- Destruction of documents of the customer, which are in storage of UAC archive, after archival period and if there is a written request of the client.

- One-time destruction of documents upon request.

Destruction of documents can be done at the customer premises or on the territory of UAC. the customer receives a corresponding certificate about the fact of destruction.

We store documents of more than 150 companies and businesses! More than 400 000 folders! Join the leaders!

Request calculation of storage costs for your company and get the most advantageous offer!